• Medical Cannabis and Tourette’s Syndrome

    Dr. Sulak and a patient demonstrate the incredible effects of cannabis on this common neurological disorder.  Sadly, the Maine DHHS denied a petition by Dr. Sulak to add Tourette’s to the list of conditions indicated for treatment with cannabis under Maine Law.

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    Medical Cannabis and Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Dr. Shawn Sulak, DN

    Dr. Shawn Sulak’s full body Naprapathic treatments for musculoskeletal conditions relieve pain and restore function.  Call now!

    Dr. Shawn Sulak, DN
  • Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO

    Traditional Osteopath

    Clinical Hypnotherapist

    Integrative Medicine Specialist

    Medical Cannabis Expert


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    Dr. Dustin Sulak, DO
  • Dr. Sulak’s Community Healing Arts Clinic

    Every Wednesday 2-5pm

    Healing arts treatments with Dr. Sulak and his Reiki students.  Affordable, safe and effective!


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    Dr. Sulak’s Community Healing Arts Clinic
  • Begin Your Yoga Journey Here

    Individual & group sessions available in our very own studio!



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  • Offering Post Traumatic Stress Treatment

    Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress?

    Are you feeling let down by conventional treatments?

    A safe & natural herb could help get your life back.

    Our patients get great results.


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    Offering Post Traumatic Stress Treatment

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Dr. Sulak Interviewed on WGAN

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We really appreciate your services for our daughter… She is doing great with feeding and gaining weight like crazy! Thank you for everything – we will certainly return to you if needed and refer you to others. It’s very refreshing to see a doctor so passionate about his work and committed to his patients.

Dr. Sulak is an amazing healer. I have been to many western and eastern healing practitioners, and have seldom met with a doctor so intuitive and honest as Dr. Sulak. I had not visited a western Doctor since my surgery four years ago and thought I would never again go back to a system so invasive as the American medical system. Dustin Sulak has help me find a new respect for western medicine. Unlike most D.O.s and M.D.s, Dr. Sulak goes above and beyond both conventional and osteopathic medicine by offering other modalities and nutritional advice that help the body heal itself. I was prescribed a vitamin D supplement that has had such a positive effect on my overall health – I would hate to miss a single dose! And my back has never felt better. Thanks Dustin!

I have had chronic muscle spasms, neck pain and headaches for over 25 years following a snowmobile accident. I am amazed how quickly my treatments with Dr Sulak have alleviated the symptoms. The treatments have lasted much longer than my previous chiropractic manipulations too. More impressive – I actually have an improved feeling of well-being following a treatment with Dr. Sulak. I highly recommend checking out what he can do for you.

Dr. Schwingel not only cares for her patients but listens and remembers them. Critical things that are seriously missing in many medical practice areas. I greatly appreciate her.